Merthur Library AU

Merlin is the librarian at Camelot University’s library and spots Arthur one day. He thinks he doesn’t have a chance in hell but when Arthur starts checking out certain books, he begins to think the attraction isn’t one-sided.


How Merlin should have ended - the Sidhe save Arthur


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Title: Through the Looking-Glass, and What Arthur Found There

Summary: Merlin/Arthur Wonderland AU. Nothing interesting ever happens in Arthur’s life — until the day he follows a white kitten through a looking-glass and finds himself in the land of Camelot, a realm of unusual nonsense. There he takes up a quest to slay the terrible Jabberwock, to overthrow the Red King Uther and restore the exiled Princess Morgana to her throne. But to do it all, he’ll need the help of a madman named Emrys and his famously delicious tarts… and a Dragon-Cat or two.

Rating: T

Credits: Art by starshipsorceress // story by versaphile

A giant thank you to my lovely writer versaphile, who not only was a pinch hitter but an excellent one, speedy to get her ideas onto paper and even better at executing them. Her fic sounds like something Lewis Carroll himself might have written. :) Also, much love and gratitude goes out to one of my favorite merlin artists, whimsycatcher, who gave me several helpful tips when I was struggling to convert my grayscale painting to color. The companion fic to this artwork can be seen here.

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Modern/Reincarnation Merthur AU Merlin Emrys is the most famous photo model in the world, but a new, ridiculously handsome model called Arthur Pendragon steals not only his fame, but also - what is much worse, to Merlin’s liking - his heart. They have an impression that they’ve met before, but none of them can explain it. Very soon Merlin realises that it isn’t the first time they fell in love. It already happened centuries before and now it’s happening again… but this time in a land of fashion.

Dedicated to mamalaz, the runner up in my Tumblr Awards


is there a fic attached to that AU in which Mordred is Arthur's nephew and Arthur is rich and falls in love with his gamekeeper Merlin? I know this may have already been asked but I would love to read it :)

I don’t think there is one exactly like that since I made it up but Flying Change by Magnolia882 is a wonderful fic with a kiddie Mordred

Fic here -


AU - Every year since Arthur’s return, Merlin drags a reluctant Arthur on a road trip back to Avalon. 


AU - When Arthur returns, Merlin decides to giddily document everything they do.


Turn of the Century Merlin AU

As the 19th Century comes to a close, a poor young Welshman called Merlin comes to London to earn a living. When he ends up serving in the household of the wealthy Pendragon family, he sees a decadent world he has never been exposed to before and meets heir and playboy Arthur Pendragon.


Based on the Ides of March poster

A graphic I originally created for my fic A Modern Manservant

This is super random but if you look up "Wiccan and Hulking" (they are a gay super hero couple) they really look like Colin and Bradley. LIke if they make a movie or something it would be AMAZING if they were cast omfg.

Oh my goodness, how have I never seen this before? They are awesome!


"The Knights of Camelot are the most skilled fighters in the land."


Arthur gets his boyfriend Merlin an interesting present for his birthday

(because this idea cracks me up)


Unrequited Love - Merthur AU

In which Merlin is not as okay with Gwen and Arthur’s courtship as he says he is but tries to stay silent for his friends

(Guys, this basically needed no editing).


Merlin Reincarnaiton AU 

Arthur sees a street kid in the park who he feels like he’s met before. Merlin, who remembers nothing, thinks Arthur only wants one thing.


Merthur Canon AU

After catching Merlin with one of the stable boys, Arthur can’t seem to look at or act around his manservant the same way again.